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Main Processor

  • ATJ229R2/R1


  • 1.DPF/AD player application.
  • player application.
  • 3.Children education machine.
  • 4.Loudspeaker application.
  • Product description: ATJ229RX is a highly-performance SOC tailored for advertisement machine and education machine. It integrates MIPS32 processor, together with the video engine, display subsystem and audio engine。

1. High speed 32 RISC processor,support DSP ASE instruction extension.

2. Full format 1080P video decoder.

3. JPEG format Photo decoder, max size up to 8000*8000 hardware decoder.

4. MP3/WMA/AAC/OGG/APE full format audio decoder.

5. Built-in CPU/RGB/LVDS LCD display,max resolution up to 1366*768.

6. support boot from SPI NOR/NAND,NAND Flash Controller with max 40-bit ECC.

7. support SD/SDHC/MMC card,capacity to 128G.

8. USB2.0 port,compatible with HOST/device mode.

9. Support microphone/line-in input.

10. Built-in DDR memory,simplified external circuit design.

11. support WIFI module and network application.

12. operation syatem: UCOS/linux.

13. footprint: LQFP128-EPAD,size:16 * 16mm.

No previous NEXT:V100



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